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Welcome to my store.

It's just Polaroids for now but I will be adding music and portraiture images so please keep checking in.


It's not an e-commerce page so if you see anything you like, please message me with your choice and I'll send out a Paypal invoice.


Each item is a unique and original Polaroid photograph.


I am very passionate about the aesthetics of instant photography. These were shot on a 40 year old Polaroid SX-70 Camera on SX-70 film. Polaroids are never 'perfect', far from it. They are ever evolving, but for me this is part of their charm. The little imperfections, light leaks, cracks etc, add a whole other dimension to these images. These ageing memorials in cemeteries are the perfect subject.

Frame size 17.5cm x 17.5cm
Frame width 1.75cm
Polaroid size 11cm x 9cm (apx)
Frame depth 3cm
Perspex front

£25 each (inc UK shipping)

This will be sent in a white frame, although grey or black are available upon request. The frame can free stand or be wall mounted.

Your item will ship 2nd Class Signed For.

Thank you for looking. Any questions please ask.


Broken Angel #1


Broken Angel #2


Broken Angel #3


Broken Angel #4


Broken Angel #5


Asleep #1


Broken Jesus #1

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