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In the event that you are wondering...the answer is no! That is not me on the Home page. It is the legendary American singer/songwriter Johnny Dowd, taken April 2019. That's also not me on the right. It's a portrait of Jake Shillingford of the band My Life Story. In fact you won't find any photographs of myself here. Not just yet anyway. So...who am I? 

I'm a Yorkshire based photographer. I’ve been privileged to work in the visual media industry for over 25 years as a photographer and video producer/director. Operating, and living, in both the North and South of England, I’ve witnessed many exciting developments. I have worked for a variety of sectors and clients including Sky, Sony, Panasonic, Macmillan Cancer Trust and Natural England, to name but a few. However, recent years have seen me say goodbye to the world of video to focus purely on my first love: Photography.

I love to shoot people more than anything. It's my passion. Be it portraiture, promotional, documentary, artwork or pure self indulgence. So if you need me, for anything from a simple headshot to something more conceptual, please drop me a line. We can discuss what you want to capture and make it happen. 

In the meantime this is a place for pictures, not words. So please take a tour, look at my work and don’t hesitate to say hello.


Andy Muscroft (BA HONS)


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